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Posted on February 23, 2011


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Working in concert with the San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. The San Mateo County Event Center has become increasingly attractive to sporting event planners.

San Mateo Event Center; is a one-stop venue for action packed sporting events on the Northern California Peninsula…truss, bleachers, overhead PA’s, onsite-concessions and 4,000 parking spaces.  The only venue serving all of the major population centers in the Bay Area via freeways.  The Event Center has hosted regular sporting events; including Volleyball, boxing, cage fighting and kickboxing.

“We welcome sporting events here“ says Chris Carpenter, GM of the Event Center, and “we have a great partnership with our local CVB to assist planners with booking hotel rooms at affordable rates, as well as off-site activities”.

The San Mateo County/Silicon Valley CVB has made a big push into the sports arena over the last couple of years, working on everything from swimming events to basketball to softball to road races.  For indoor auditorium events, the Bureau has worked very closely with the San Mateo Event Center.

In June, the two groups will host the Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame for local athletes and coaches who have achieved greatness in their fields, as the start of an even greater push to attract sports to the area.  “Our climate and location are ideal for athletic events,” says Anne LeClair, president and CEO of the Bureau, “and event planners love the attention to detail we provide.  We can assist with booking rooms at all price levels, offer information on local dining and sightseeing activities, and assistance with transportation.”

Many of the hotels in San Mateo County offer complimentary shuttles from the San Francisco International Airport, and a visit to San Francisco is just a quick mass transit ride away.  The area is known for its sunshine, 30 miles of San Francisco Bay front, 60 miles of Pacific Coast side and numerous spectator sports, ranging from Stanford competitions to San Francisco Giants games, Golden State Warrior games, San Francisco Forty-Niner games to San Jose Sharks games.  Hiking, biking, golf and numerous other participatory sports are found in abundance in the area, as well.

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