GREEN REPORT: San Mateo Event Center – say’s Let it Rain – we like it, makes us GREEN!

Posted on October 13, 2011


San Mateo Event Center – say’s  “Let it Rain – we like it, makes us GREEN!”

The San Mateo Event Center operations team just purchased a 5,000 gallon barrel to capture rain water.

We annually fill-up barrels to weight down tents and other structures.  Rather than using tap water we will utilize the rain water and than re-use the water for our gardens.  (More Specs Below).

San Mateo Event Center has 48-acres of a park like setting; tree’s, flowers, birds and bee’s – even a little garden that our staff maintains.

Why host your event in a standard conference center?…take your events outside and enjoy all that our property offers.

We are a great place for corporate picnics, ride and drives, festivals and concerts…check out all of our outdoor event photos.

And of course we have seven indoor buildings to utilize for your educational sessions, trade-shows, general sessions…you name it….Our Building Info.

Call 650-574-3247 and ask for  Sales to schedule your site visit today.

Blog Post By: Jeanavive Janssen, San Mateo Event Center Sales & Green Meeting Industry Council Member / Marcom.


Since it’s “reclaimed water” it can’t be used for consumption aka non-potable so it has some limitations but we’ve estimated that we waste over 60,000 gallons a year alone on the water barrels for specific events. When the events returns they will fill their barrels with fresh water (if it hasn’t rained yet) then we will in turn pump that 4,400 gallons of water out of those barrels and into our tank. Their barrels will then be re-filled with reclaimed water from our 600 gallon water trailer as needed.

The tank was purchased on October 3rd 2011 from Go-To-Plastics and shipped out of Compton Ca.

The initial source will be rain water and barrel water.

The water is collected and distributed using a 600 gallon water trailer fitted with a vacuum pump and is stored in a 5000 gallon storage tank in the maintenance yard.