Attend the San Mateo Event Center Food Truck Events: Off-Season Business at the San Mateo Event Center

Posted on January 18, 2012


Excerpts from interview by Jessica Boudevin from Venue’s Today:

Chris Carpenter from San Mateo (Calif.) County Event Center, described the most important Off-Season Business:

“The majority of our business is space rental for public events, trade shows, parties and corporate events,” he said, “I always recommend that people try to rent their facilities first and — if they can’t — try to promote or co-promote.”

“We’ve also done extensive studies on demographics. You can find market data through your local chambers or look at census numbers,” said Carpenter. When San Mateo County Event Center found out that over 80 percent of its target market drive as opposed to using public transportation, they switched to using much more morning-commuter advertising on radio instead of television ads.

San Mateo County Event Center most successful interim event is a food truck gathering, done four times in 2011 and possibly expanding to six events in 2012.   In-house Catering for San Mateo County Event Center, sold beer and wine at the event. The San Mateo County Event Center took on the expense of providing the facility, the security and parking staff…

“The food truck phenomenon is growing fast, and they’re inexpensive events to put on, so it’s definitely something to look into,” Carpenter noted.


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