Book Your Picnic at the San Mateo Event Center: Our packages let you have more fun in the sun!

Posted on February 21, 2012


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San Mateo County Event Center – Picnic Packages

The San Mateo County Event Center picnic packages are the perfect way for your company, alumni, or family to celebrate while enjoying our beautifully landscaped park like event center.  Our packages take the stress out of planning – just choose your options and we do the rest.

San Mateo Event Center Picnic Areas

Grounds Map:

Past Events:

  • Central Mall Grass Area – 600 ppl
  • With North Side Lawn (side of Fiesta) – 800 ppl
  • All outdoor areas – 1,400-3,000 ppl

*Picnic Table Seating is available for 2,000 people.

Available Days:

  • Fri & Sat (Minimum 100 people- Max 5,000)
  • Sun-Wed (Minimum 50 people-Max 5,000)

San Mateo Event Center Picnic Packages:

San Mateo Event Center has picnic packages starting from $23 per person
(Based on 100 people, 2 hr events).

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Base Rental Packages – $23 per person.

  • Picnic Table Seating
  • Set-up and clean-up
  • Parking Passes

Additional Package Dinner and Lunch Menu Options:
Choose from one of our three preferred caterers Main Courses, prices are inclusive. (additional sides included and full menus are available for comparison).

Creative Touch Catering, on-site caterer:

  • Main Course Buffet –  Hot Dog/Cheeseburger – $24 per person (100 Min. Required)
  • Main Course Buffet – Tri-Tip/BBQ Chicken – $33 per person (100 Min. Required)

Additional Package Add-on’s from our preferred vendors:

Celebrity Showcase Add $6 per person
Consider interactive roving entertainment!

When only the very best will do, treat your guests to an experience they will always remember at the San Mateo County Event Center.

We provide special roving entertainment to entertain the kids or adults depending on your audience.

Carnival Booth Add $5 per person

Treat your guests to a hands on fun filled experience at the San Mateo County Event Center.  We have carnival booth activities; price is for one booth includes game, staff and prizes.

Bungee Run Add $8 per person

Enjoy the exhilaration of the bungee experience­ horizontally. Wearing harnesses attached to thick bungee cords, two participants run down 35-foot long inflatable runways, stretching the cords as far as they can before being hurled back to the starting point. Sides and floor of the runways are deep and bouncy for full protection. Each contestant places a marker on a strip to show the farthest point they reached before the inevitable slingshot effect took over.
Obstacle Course 3 mod Add $10 per person

Fun to play and hilarious to watch.  Two players try to navigate through tube tunnels, over walls, up ramps, and around inflated barriers and giant rings.  This game can accommodate many players per hour and is available in two-module or three-module lengths.

Slide-Inflatable 26 Enormous Add $13 per person
Slightly smaller 2-story cousin of the Colossal Inflatable Slide. Great if space is a concern. Both of these slides can also be excellent for team-building events when combined with specialized games and contests.

Team Building

Want some hands on Team Building? We got the perfect options for you…

Charity Challenge: Rocking Horses for Tots Add $75 per person

Get in the giving spirit as Team Building Unlimited leads you in a Rocking Horse Building & Painting team-building event! This is a great way to bring your team together while providing comfort to less fortunate children. Participants will receive Rocking Horse parts, glue, tools, brushes, paint and more.

Teams of 3-4 will assemble and paint the rocking horses. Teams will decide on theme for their horses, as well as decorating (painting) and assembling. Could be a Zebra, a Rainbow, your company Logo? Your choice!  Once the Rocking Horses are completed, they are presented to local organization: Shelters, Police, Fire,Hospitals or another charity.

Corporate Grand Prix Add $59 per person

Teams design and build a Race Cart from identical building materials utilizing PVC Pipe, Connectors, Wheels, Saws, Knives, Markers, assorted Steering Devices, Parts and more. In addition, each team will design a T-shirt that their “racecar” driver will wear during the race. Team members have an equal opportunity to showcase skills and creativity. Integrated into this activity will be client objectives: managing change; managing resistance to change; what does change mean for an individual?  how do teams deal with it individually and organizationally? How does a team deal with adverse situations when they do not “like” the change? Why is communication key to change? Upon completion, team racecars will compete against each other in a less than straight course (remember the racecars do not have motors and maneuverability will depend on the skill of selected team driver and ‘pushers’ as well as construction of vehicle). Prizes will be awarded for the team with the most creative racecar design, the new corporate T-shirt, and the team that actually wins the race. Prizes provided.

Wacky Mini-Olympics Game Add $45 per person

A SERIES OF WACKY GAMES AS TEAMBUILDING ACTIVITY. As in the Olympics, not every team member participates in every activity. Many activities are performed at same time. Team captains will select several individuals to compete in each event.  When team members aren’t participating, they’re cheering on their friends! No events are physically challenging, but they’re all FUN! Example of some of the Games; Suitcase Relay, Mummy Wrap, Crab Walk Slalom, Putt for Glory etc.

Green Picnics

The San Mateo County Event Center offers complete Green Picnic Planning. The San Mateo County Event Center is environmentally friendly. Green Picnics are the fastest growing request for companies concerned about the planet. We can all help keep our Earth Green and clean by using Biodegradable Plates, Utensils and Paper Products. We always recycle all bottles, cans and plastics and when it comes to our set up we’re good to the earth too.

We use only:

• Biodegradable Plates, Bowls and Trash Bags

• Biodegradable Forks, Knives and Spoons

• Biodegradable Napkins and Paper Products

• Recycle Bins for Aluminum Cans and Plastics


Banner: Included in the packages is a 8’ “welcome” banner featuring your company’s full-color logo.  EPS file, converted to outlines for producing the welcome banner due 45-days before event.


San Mateo Event Center is the premiere Bay Area Peninsula Venue; specializing in trade shows, corporate events, picnics, outdoor festivals, ride and drives, wedding receptions…and much more…located 10 mins. from the San Francisco International Airports…book your event today, call 650-574-3247