Fiesta Hall,Venue with deep history from concerts to tradeshows. What was the first event you attended here?

Posted on June 13, 2012


Watching Boyz II Men last night at the San Mateo County Fair  and listening to them talk about the “ties that bind” it made me absorb the fact that 2,000 people from a range of generations  lined up at 4pm to see a 7:30pm concert in a building built in 1948. And if this building could talk imagine the stories it could share…what stories do you have about events in the Fiesta Hall?

It made me think, Fiesta Hall is the tie that binds so many people to so many experiences at the San Mateo Event Center.  It’s time to thank the people in the 40’s that had a vision that it is vital to build a venue that allows communities to have a place to gather.

Over decades the San Mateo County Event Center has evolved, from being just a once a year Fairgrounds (June 9-June 17, 2012) it has become the Bay Area’s top event center  for consumer and trade events, meetings, festivals, corporate events, sporting events and much more.  The Fiesta Hall has showcased; flowers, concerts, tradeshows, Makers Faire, boxing events, car shows, fundraisers, special events and as we look to the future we intend to keep the “building that could” available for so many more special events.  The Fiesta Hall building is 50,000 sq ft with three side rooms and it is available to rent for public and private events.

 What was the first event you attended in the Fiesta Hall?

The San Mateo County Event Center property is owned by San Mateo County but operated and maintained by the non-profit San Mateo County Exposition and Fair Association (the Expo Association or “Association”) under contractual arrangements dating back to 1939. The Association was created to run the annual County Fair, manage the Event Center buildings and grounds. The Association relies on the income it generates for all of its operational needs.

So the money you spend on the $10 parking, at the Fair and when promoters rent the building goes back into the Event Center property to make it available for generations to come.  Under the leadership of Chris Carpenter the Event Center is looking to the possibility of expansion and investing back into the Fiesta Hall to install Air Conditioning.  The Meeting Pavilion is set for full renovations by August 2012, paint, carpeting and specialty lighting – which will be a wonderful rejuvenated hall for special events, wedding receptions and corporate meetings for up to 300 people.