The Route To Healthier Eats at the San Mateo County Fair

Posted on June 13, 2012


WARNING:This will make you Hungry!

It’s time to eat, you should be eating at the San Mateo County Fair (June 9-17, 2012)…what’s on the Menu?…well some people find the call of the tasty sweets, X-Large Pepsi’s and tempting fried critters and funnel cakes to their immediate liking & beckoning call to remind them of their youth, but there are some looking for a bit more healthy alternatives…the following is your route for healthier bites or you can follow a different type of route offered up by the MenloParkPatch’s “A Foodie’s Guide to the San Mateo County Fair“.

But the Fair is only once a year,  soI say GO FOR IT have the fried whatcha ma call it and sticky, drippy, sweets…you can make up for the treats you eat tomorrow!

Set your Food GPS to all the healthier alternatives at the San Mateo County Fair this year… Follow the NEON SIGNS that point the way to more ‘Healthy Fare’ at the San Mateo Count Fair…’Healthy Fare’ at the San Mateo County Fair is a project of the San Mateo County Fair staff, San Mateo County Health System and WellKiddos, an organization that advocates healthy food choices for children. “Healthy Fare” is modeled after a successful program in Marin County. The project addresses the challenge and opportunity to offer fair-goers tasty, nutritious options in a venue not known for its healthy foods. To qualify for the “Healthy Fare” project, food vendors at the fair voluntarily submit recipes for selected menu items. The recipes are analyzed for certain nutrition criteria such as low-fat, use of fruits and vegetables and reasonable portion sizes. Fair-goers can look for qualifying healthy menu items posted on large sign boards outside the food vendors’ booths. Check out the Food Pictures Here.

  • Noel’s Mexican Food (Veggie Taco or Burrito, Whole Beans and Rice, Chicken Taco)
  • Coral Reef Smoothies (Fresh Fruit Cup, Pomegranate Paradise Smoothie, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Low Sugar Strawberry Lemonade) 
  • Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls (Petite Cinnamon Rolls, Healthier Choice Bread)
  • Red Hot Harry’s (Black Bean Salad)
  • Hot Dog on a Stick (Veggie Dog on a Stick)

Other Healthy Finds you won’t find a NEON sign for:

  • AMERICAN GRILL: In the Expo Hall to the Right of the Entry (building has A/C and seating!). Want to enjoy the essence of Fair food but want to reduce some calories or avoid meat, than consider the American Grill to the right when you enter the hall for Turkey Burgers and Veggie Burgers (and my pleasure I just can’t give up, great French Fries)…starting at $6 for both.

  • EXPO CAFE (OPEN Saturday & Sunday, before 6:30 & after the concert) – on the North East Corner of Fiesta Hall (where the concerts are) has A/C and seating: Try Chef Paul’s homemade Chili and Artichoke Bisque; made from scratch and a favorite.  So good that everyone tells him he needs to open up his own place! Also, Fresh Salads made daily in the refrigerators section. Our Chef purchases local produce.

  • Pepe’s Mariscos’ – Central Mall near Sustainable Living: Get your self a Shrimp Cocktail or Shrimp Ceviche on BAKED Tostada.  All of their produce; tomatoes, Avocado’s are purchased local.

  • Elotes Roasted Corn – on the North East Corner near Sustainable Living: How about some Roasted Corn…think that’s a nice healthy choice…it’s up to you if you decide to put on the butter…

  • The Sleek Greek – West side of Youth Exhibits / Meeting Pavilion –  HUGE Greek Salad for $8.75, I ordered one to take a picture and lady walking by ordered one after seeing it…she was so excited about it!  They also have Vegetarian Gyros.

  • House of Pistachio’s – Expo Hall – Don’t go NUTS over all the sweet treats…snack on some nuts to curve the edge but still leave room for one of your favorite cravings…

  • 4-H Cakes Meeting Pavilion – Still have a guilty pleasure for sweets, buy home-made 4H Cakes and support a good cause.

DRINKS: Don’t feel like a Pepsi or Ice Cold Beer, than get a smoothie made from real fruit (near Sequoia Hall/Culinary Arts), or fine one of the two lemonade vendors.  Hot Dog on a Stick “makes lemonade fresh every 2 hours using only pure, natural ingredients” (that is what the cup says…).  I have been having one daily…



And if you are are a Foodie you need to mark your calendar for the NEW – NIGHT MARKET

What do you get when San Mateo Event Center combines TWO community favorites? You get the San Mateo Night Market, starting June 27th 4:30-8:30pm and repeating every week including 4th of July!  let us take care of the cooking and dishes…plan to spend your Holiday with us.  As well, we have listened to the community and with combined sponsorship the parking is FREE!  Entrance: 2495 S. Delaware, San Mateo.  RSVP HERE – all food trucks will be announced weekly through our Facebook and Twitter.