SanMateoEventCenter, you get a lot more than space, when you host your event here! You get community.

Posted on July 19, 2012


When you host your event at the San Mateo Event Center you get a lot more than four-walls…you become a part of a devoted community that will return year after year to your annual events and are excited to see new events in San Mateo.

Most of the staff at San Mateo Event Center, actually live in San Mateo so we constantly hear appreciation for all the events that come to this great city…and we are constant promoters.

These growing community based events are also beneficial to our many annuals and new events coming to the city…it allows us to showcase all our event offerings directly to the community.  We showcase with our Marque, with Event Calendar poster displayed at these events…and the San Mateo Event Center is also developing their own San Mateo  ‘street team’ that will be an added service event clients can pay for to help further promote their events by flyering at our sponsored events, at local stores and other creative outlets to get the word out to the local community.

This year the San Mateo Event Center hosted a booth at their own Fair;  showcasing all the great events for the year.  Our Business Development Manager – Jeanavive and Social Media Assistant – Terri staffed the booth on the weekend giving  a value added benefit for many of our annual shows who answered the fall for raffle items!   Which included annual events like the Harvest Festival, Birth & Baby, Hillsborough Antiques – and the San Mateo Event Center gave away 100 parking passes to drive more business to our clients events…attendees, lined up and signed up for our events newsletter in order to spin the wheel and win prizes…

…so host your event at the San Mateo Event Center and become a part of the San Mateo Community! Call 650-574-3247, and ask for Jeanavive! (the gal, below in the pig-tails below).

San Mateo Community Demographic Profile

The San Mateo County Event Center attendees represent communities from all over the greater San Francisco Bay Area. These attendees are ethnically diverse; family-oriented and have relatively high household incomes. San Mateo County Event Center Economic Impact: Attendees direct spending year-round $17 million. Overall year round economic impact for San Mateo exceeds $34 million.  The San Mateo Event Center is a non-profit, funds go back into the venue to allow for more great community events!