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Posted on January 10, 2013


San Mateo Event Center

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San Mateo, CA — On December 12, 2012 A leading technology innovator product launch event at the San Mateo Event Center. The event served as a one day “experience” from beginning to end, where attendees learn about Business Communication Solutions, Technology Trends, customers’ experiences and keynote special guests. An interactive Expo Area was setup with the Product Demonstrations allowing the attendees to interact directly with the solutions and applications.

The tech conference was an annual event designed to inform and inspire business decision-makers, IT managers, and line-of-business end users. It featured industry and thought leaders focused on transformative business results related with collaboration, customer care and networking technologies. Held in multiple locations, it is considered to be the largest Business Collaboration event with over 20,000 people experiencing the event.

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This exciting and informative technology conference  was held in the 105,000 square-foot Expo Hall at the San Mateo County Event Center which was literally transformed into a physical collaboration space in which they could maximize their schedule of events while guests could relax and focus on their content.   The massive Expo Hall was divided into several spaces; Registration, Coat Check, several smaller meeting space rooms, two smaller Break-Out Rooms for smaller sessions, the Center Lounge where many products were demonstrated, and another side area for local vendor booths. Dining Area where breakfast, lunch and refreshments were served. General Session auditorium seating 1,500.  The space easily accommodated the expected guests with plenty of room to move around and not feel crowded in.

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Technology everywhere — in each of the break-out rooms, multimedia screens and projectors were set up for presentations; the Registration desks utilized iPads for Attendee check-in. The Dining area had lots of space for people to meet, collaborate or work remotely on their laptops.  In the smaller meeting rooms, Center Lounge and General Session room, the Wifi bandwidth was boosted building-wide to support the high usage from attendees, presenters and product demonstrations.

IT-specifically, additional and advance set up and reinforcements had to be made in order to support the seamless and free-flowing technology to work.  The event requested  6 autonomous VLAN’s. (VLAN’s are Virtual Local Area Networks). These networks are created by the smart L2/L3 Gigabit switches that have been installed at the San Mateo Event Center. Once the required switches where configured to support the client’s requests, 6 CAT6 Ethernet cables were strung to 6 separate Columns. From these columns SMEC IT team ran CAT6 cables the desired locations to allow internet access and global wide up-streaming of the event. The SMEC team also rolled out a 14 device internal LAN for the client’s business partners and the events interactive displays. The 6 VLAN’s were able to support Bandwidths from 1 MB – 10 MB up streaming and 100 MB’s down-streaming. To support the “Break-out” rooms, the SMEC IT team configured multiple SSID’s that allowed both upstream and down-streaming for these events, in conjunction with the general WiFi access, and registration SSID. The event successfully streamed world-wide for 10 consecutive hours.  

More detailed information about the San Mateo Event Center’s high performance, scalable wireless LAN infrastructure can be found here:

In the General Session area, staging and state of the art multimedia equipment was set up for the speakers, live demonstrations and presentations.  With everyone attending carrying 2.5 mobile devices with them, wifi support was quite solid and quickly responsive. Even during the live demonstrations using wireless devices from around the world.  There was lots of good information being shared, as well as several new announcements — mostly around video.


Throughout the day, attendees were invited to mingle among the vendors and interact with the promoted products.  During the General Sessions, many new product announcements were made and after lunch, General Session was enchanted  by their keynote speaker.  Most impressive and entertaining was the demonstration of the  Real-Time Collaboration solutions, enabling multiple parties from across the country to meet together online through the use of video on any mobile device.  The event organizers apparently have a whimsical sense of sense of humor, which comes through as they demonstrate the collaboration tool by choreographing a real-time video conferencing  “Flash Mob” set to the tune of “Call Me, Maybe!”

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