Team Building Fosters Excellent Customer Service

Posted on February 5, 2013


New Year… Fresh Start…  Team Building… Creating Passion...

Meet the San Mateo Event Center Team and check out their team building day: pictures here.

Earlier this month, the entire staff of the San Mateo County Event Center, which includes the staff and management from the San Mateo County Fair as well as the San Mateo Jockey Club, Ovations Catering and Security Vendor came together for a team building event in an effort to develop staff relationships to deliver the best customer service possible.

The team development was held in our newly renovated Event Pavilion, signifying a fresh start in our freshly painted, landscaped and carpeted meeting room.

The team building activities were led by Joel Zeff, a professional motivational speaker, improvisational humorist and author.  Joel used interactive performances  and invited members of our team to participate in hilarious improvisational exercises.  Each exercise drove  home Joel’s central message: organizations and individuals should CELEBRATE every day successes to increase collaboration, productivity, passion and innovation.  Joel is a masterful public speaker and a nationally renowned motivator, lifelong humorist and improvisational actor.

Celebrating everyday successes to increase collaboration was definitely the resulting product of our one-day team building event led by Joel.  We’d like to share some inspirational quotes we collected that day with you, from each of our team leaders:

Chris Carpenter General Manager San Mateo Event Center

“Hiring a team builder is a tremendous investment into the future of the employees of any organization. Joel Zeff provided us with three hours of invigorating team building information and involved many of our employees with the opportunity to perform improv comedy which all tied in with the program.”  Said Chris A. Carpenter, General Manager for the San Mateo County Event Center (on the right).  Chris led his team by participating in the team-building activities and even sang a song!

 “We learned that communication is key. Not everyone communicates in the same fashion and no one way is better than the other, but the real key to success is how to compromise those ways to create an effective system and then everything else will fall in line. Ta-Dah!” Ovations, General Manager – Ronny Tompot (on the left).

Yuri Castro  Sr. Event Manager , Yuri Castro has been with the San Mateo Event Center for 9-years and his biggest take-away was the value of  “Creating a Positive Environment”.

Jeanavive Janssen

“Every person in our organization contributes their “line to the story” that we are creating here – that the San Mateo Event Center is a great venue for events.”  Jeanavive Janssen,  Business Development Manager, San Mateo Event Center

Monica Fair Coordinator
“Remember to always give yourself a ‘ta-da’ moment. Even better, give your coworkers a round of applause for all of the little things they accomplish! Nothing is better than saying ‘thank you’ and showing someone that you appreciate them…Teamwork is all about helping each other be successful.” Monica Nio,  San Mateo Fair & Event Coordinator

“I’m staying in the game” and on my way to work every morning, I remind myself to be “more helpful”. Loretta Annin, Facilities Maintenance – Loretta has been “helping” for over 4-years!

“Be Dynamic, stay in the Game, Communicate your ideas, abbreviated as DGC, better remembered as Damn Good Chili”. 
  Jim Fetter, Jockey Club Manager (note on Chili, Ovations served the best Chili ever and the speaker and attendees wanted more!).

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Confucius

Check out Joel Zeff’s Book:

Joel Zeff Book