February 21 – 23: Rusty Barn Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival

Posted on February 14, 2013


February 21, 22 and 23:  Rusty Barn Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival

rusty barn

The Bay Area Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival is amazingly creative show for DIY enthusiasts. They have everything from stamping, stitching, sewing & quilting. With free admission, there is no excuse not to come out and see all there is to offer the creative person!

A few weeks ago, we had a chance to catch up with Chris Butler, the Festival’s organizer.  Here are some highlights of what we chatted about:

Q:  Tell me about your event:  The Bay Area Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival

CB:  This event is for anyone creative.  We offer a wide array of supply vendors from quilting, sewing, stitching, stamping and crafts.  You can see, try and buy the latest and greatest cutting edge products that you cannot find in stores.  Most vendors demo and teach making this a very educational event, plus all of our classes are free of charge (and the admission too).  There’s a coupon for free admission folks can print out and bring with them:  http://quiltcraftsew.com/2013-bayareapostcard.pdf

Q:  What kinds of activities are there for those who attend?

CB:  FREE classes, make and take workshops where you sit down and learn a skill creating something you can take home with you.  See the many vendor demos and enjoy our colorful and creative booths.

TUC2012fun in line

Q:    It’s so generous of you to offer free admission!  What’s your motivation behind that?  

CB:  With the recession hitting California extra hard, we needed a way to support our vendors by insuring busy events.  In the process of this, our attendance and popularity has soared.  And, because we have such a good popular attendance, now we have any more vendors.  Our show is very busy, we have the nicest, most fun ladies that are even more excited if they are one of our 20 cash winners every morning at 9:45AM.  We give $500 away every show morning to start the day off right!

Q:  What’s the history of QCSF?  How many years has it been held at SMEC?

CB:  We have been doing the Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival in the Bay Area at San Mateo Event Center now since 2009. The vendors always love coming to San Mateo.  The people in the Bay Area are very creative and talented and are always looking for that special fabric, or new cutting edge tool or machine.

PUY2012 swamped aislesQ:   Describe to me what it’s like to attend your event — from when I arrive to when I leave…

CB:  When you first come to our Bay Area show you’ll park in the lot very close to the building.  You’ll be very happy you do not have to pay admission and the show is free.  That is why you’ll have your car filled with your friends and family  From there, you’ll wait in line and hopefully hear your name called and be the winner of cash prior to the show opening.  At 10AM the doors are opened and you’ll be in awe over all of the creative things you’ll see.  We have many vendors with all the latest new fabrics and notions.  After a couple hours, you’ll need to take a break in the wonderful cafe the San Mateo Event Center has in the Fiesta Hall.  All in all, you’ll have a wonderful time shopping, learning and getting all kinds of creative ideas for your craft.  You will have a good time and smile!

Q:  What’s the one thing you want folks to take away from this experience?

CB:  That they had a good time, enjoyed the learning and shopping experience we offer, and that they’ll be marking their calendar’s for next year’s event.

Q:  Is there any special event/feature taking place this time?Great Demos

CB:  For FEB 21-23, 2013, we will have many new vendors coming to the show for the first time.  They’ve heard about the show’s success and are looking forward to showing their wares.  The quilters will love our new quilt vendors with the latest trendy fabrics!

We will also have Floriani Embroidery releasing their brand new software program for quilters to embellish their quilts with amazing stitching created by you.  Imagine, creating amazing hand stitched looks on your quilt with only a few clicks.  It is called My Decorative Quilter and will be demoed, a class taught and available for purchase at this event.

Q:  When selecting a venue for your event, what are the things that are most important to you?  Facilities?  Services?  And why?

CB:  We like a facility that is well known, easy to get to, has plenty of close, safe parking that is priced right.  The San Mateo Event Center has all these things.  The building is large and provides us with lots of space to highlight our vendors.  Plus, the cafe is top-notch with excellent hand-carved sandwiches and made-to-order pasta.  It’s much better than the standard burgers or dogs at most venues.  We know you’ll enjoy your time with your friends and family at this creative event….give us a try!

Q:  Thanks, Chris, for your great answers!  We’re totally excited for your show!  

For more information, please visit:   http://www.quiltcraftsew.com

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