The Top 5 Things to Consider when planning your Company Picnic this summer

Posted on March 29, 2013


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San Mateo Event Center: The Perfect Bay Area Picnic Venue

The Top Five Things to Consider for Planning Your Company Picnic:

Corp picnic collage

#1            Set a Date

Pick your picnic date as early as possible, choosing a date that works best for all departments.  Start spreading the word by sending out Save the Date announcements.  Saturdays are the best days, though companies also choose Fridays as well.  Be sure you check with everyone regarding conflicting schedules such as project timelines, production schedules and community-wide events. A successful picnic begins with a schedule that allows for the most number of people to be available.

#2            Budget

Setting an event budget determines the scale and scope of your event. A budget establishes a framework for your planning process so you don’t plan something grossly over-budget or end up with areas you wished you would have spent more on. Using a budget, you can prioritize aspects of your picnic and maximize the results of your…

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