San Mateo Event Center Green Report 2014

Posted on January 1, 2014


San Mateo Event Center Green Report 2014

And the list keeps growing! more GREEN…

(check out our 2012 Green Report).

  • San Mateo County no plastic bag policy enforced
  •  5,000 gallon water barrel purchased to re purpose rain water for tent barrels and gardens (2011 launch)
  • Bike Corral / options
  • Promoting Public Transit
  • I-pads for onsite orders & Board Meetings
  • Bio-friendly landscaping
  • Recycled paper towels bathrooms
  • Order Green Office supplies
  • Water bottles for staff/ Water Dispensers for office guests (launched 2011)
  • Water Stations Available when requested for events
  • Electronic contracting (PDF)
  • We’ve painted our main building roofs bright white to save energy on cooling.
  • The majority of our maintenance vehicles are zero emission.
  • Landscape irrigation is conducted at night in compliance with California water conservation law.
  • Our back-up power plants are CARB tier 4 compliant which is the current standard under California Air Resources Board regulations.
  • We recycle cardboard from shows and our own use – have a cardboard baler and trailers used to collect cardboard from shows.
  • Green waste box (30yd box) for all landscaping cuttings & clippings.
  • Chipper for tree and bush branches – the chippings are used as ground cover which helps retain soil moisture.
  • Pallets are recycled.
  • Recycle containers from public use – cans/bottles – contents are put into larger recycle bins and picked up weekly.
  • Waste paper from office, shows and Jockey Club is recycled.
  • Food waste containers for kitchen use (Expo Café & Jockey Club) – picked up weekly
  • Waste cooking oil containers from food concession booths (outside stands and trailers) are recycled and we are looking to partner with a  Bio-Fuel maker in the East Bay…who will process into Bio-Fuel for cars/trucks in the very near future
  • Additional compost and recycling containers put near food concession booths during events.
  • Admin office green renovations; automatic on/off lights, removed disposables in the office kitchen, low-flow toilets installed and hand dryers in restrooms (2014).

Electronic recycling:

  • Nonworking or outdated computers, monitors, TV’s and other electronic equipment is taken to (or picked up for) e-waste recycling
  • All spend lamps (florescent, mercury vapor, CFL, high and low pressure sodium, projection, etc.) are collected for recycling
  • Batteries from vehicles and equipment, along with regular batteries (C cell, D cell, 9-volt) are recycled
  • Nonworking equipment is recycled (such as forklifts, sweeper, scrubber, etc.) after any useful parts are removed


  • All waste products from mechanic shop are properly disposed/recycled (used oil, hydraulic fluid, filters, radiator fluid, etc.)
  •  Spills of above mentioned are contained, cleaned up and stored for disposal/recycling.
  • Old paint is taken to county toxic disposal site for disposal/recycling.
  • Used tires are properly disposed/recycled.
  • Half-light policy for buildings during move-in and move-out days.

Special thanks to our awesome San Mateo Event Center Maintenance Department who have been doing this for years…because it just makes sense and not because they were asked to GO GREEN.